Sunday, 28 September 2008

My, how they grow!

These are the chicks photographed today - they are beginning to get their wing feathers, and continue to eat voraciously. They weren't too happy with the camera today, and that is why they were all huddling at the back of the pen - I had disturbed them from their nap! When they sleep, their heads are most often laid out on the ground in front of them. I was not used to seeing chicks asleep, as those we had had previously had all had "mother hens" and so when they slept, they were under the mother. The first time I saw them sleeping in this position, I had a terrible urge to go and find tiny pillows for them to rest their heads on - so soppy and silly, but unfortunately true...

We were at church this morning, and then home to continue the birthday celebrations - well, I relaxed with the newspaper and a cup of tea for an hour or two before I cooked the lunch, and then had another relaxing snooze until about 3! Then I had to do some work, so I got changed and started on the chickens and a little bit of digging. It was only a little bit, and I have spent some time watching the chickens - the addition of extra hens to the laying flock has meant some rearrangement of the pecking order. They will take a few days to sort themselves out, and then I hope that the newer birds will start to think about laying some eggs!

I have had some lovely cards from friends and family, as well as some cute earrings from my sister, and Turkish Delight and a couple of new books from the FGs. The FH has done all the ironing this weekend, which has been great!

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