Monday, 8 September 2008

No rain today - hurray!

Yes - a whole day with no rain! I was so pleased. Managed to get the grass cut out the front of the house so that looks a bit tidier, to keep the neighbours happy, and me, I suppose. The inside of the house may be lacking in that department, but it is relatively easy to cut the grass once a week - at least no one leaves clutter all over it. The YFG did some tidying yesterday, including my desk and then put up a big notice saying "Do not mess up!" so I have to be on my best behaviour. She did a good job, though.

Today has been a good day in many ways - I got a lot of Usborne work done, made some bread, spoke to a few people I needed to catch up with, arranged with a friend to organise a coffee morning for Macmillan at the end of the month if we can find a venue, arranged a play-date for YFG with her friend from school, etc. We also did our good deed for the day at school - there is an after school dance club that YFG was going to do to keep her friend company, except that she got a place and her friend didn't, so she realised that it wouldn't be as much fun if her friend wasn't there and didn't want to go. Another little girl from her class was in tears in the playground because she didn't get a place, so we marched into the office and asked that this little girl have YFG's place as we didn't want it any more - so that little one and her mum were pleased.

I have got the headstone arranged for Mum today - I rang the stonemason and spoke with them about the queries we had, and the lady I spoke to was very helpful, so I had to check with my Dad that he agreed with what we had done, filled the order form in and got it into the post this afternoon, along with the claim for the glass from the greenhouse people.

The FGs went to band practice tonight, I nipped into the supermarket and then we all came home to tea which the FH had prepared. Now I just have some ironing to do when the FGs are in bed, which should be very soon!

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