Saturday, 13 September 2008

Friday whizzed past!

And here we are on Saturday already. Yesterday was a very worrying day as the YFG had a big wobble about going to school after her sick day and I am still not 100% sure if that is OK now. She came home for lunch and then returned to school in the afternoon, and when I got home from gymnastics last night, she was happily doing her homework.

The other concerning thing was my dad being sent into hospital by his GP as his ECG results had shown that his heart was racing far too fast. I spent a few hours worrying about him, and hoping that the hospital would be able to resolve the problem. Again, I spoke to him last night when he rang to say that the hospital had let him out and he has to take Warfarin to thin his blood now. But he is OK.

I had some rushing around to do yesterday morning as my usual feed merchant had no growers pellets in stock for the young chickens, and unfortunately, he wouldn't have any in until next Thursday - they would have been starving by then! So I had to find another local supplier, and since her shop is on the same route as the supermarket, I went there as well, which made the car rather heavily laden by the time I got home. All the shopping got put away eventually.

The food prices were worth noting at the supermarket yesterday - I was shocked to see that a 3kg bag of conchigle pasta that I usually buy had gone up from £2.97 to £3.97! Strangely though, the fusili and penne in the 3kg bags were still £2.97 so I got one of each of those. That will keep us going for some months. Another price change I noticed (and this is something we all use, I think!) was the loo roll - the own brand pack of 12 which had been about £4.69 had leapt to over £5. That is a lot to pay for stuff that gets flushed, so I found Andrex 4 roll packs at £1.50 on offer and bought three of those instead, saving at least 50p. Small savings, yes, but they all add up, and making small savings often can save more in the long run than making big savings less often , if you see what I mean! Prices are definitely on the up, but I think that there are still bargains to be had if you know your prices, and make some changes to your expectations - I chose chicken pieces yesterday over a whole chicken as the supermarket had only got expensive, large chickens in stock and FH wanted roast chicken tomorrow. He's still going to get the taste of roasted chicken, but it will be in portions instead of whole.

Off to gymnastics again this morning so I had better get going!

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