Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rain, rain and more rain!

We have had so much rain in the last few days! Driving home from gym on Tuesday evening, the YFG and I were caught in a thunderstorm, and it was scary - the lightening was just ferocious, lighting up the whole sky, and the rain was coming down so hard that I had to creep along the road as it was so difficult to see where I was going - the windscreen wipers just couldn't keep up with the amount of rain falling. The YFG was quite scared. We got home safely, thank goodness.

It is raining again today, although less dramatically. Unfortunately, that has put a stop to the harvesting of the veg for now, so I have to concentrate on inside jobs today. The 8.30 meeting this morning was very successful, and the books are now chosen, ready at the school and someone has the job of putting bookplates in them before they are given to the children on Monday.

I tried to buy the glass to finish the greenhouse this morning but the glazier had only got one piece of horticultural glass in stock - not much good when you need four pieces - so I will have to try again at the weekend as he promised that there would be a delivery by then. Yesterday the FH sowed some seeds in the greenhouse - lettuce, cabbage, and broccoli, so that they can grow in there over the winter and be planted outside in the spring, ready for a head-start on later-planted veg. The freezers are getting very full, and I am getting worried about where we will freeze the chickens that will be killed in October - it would be counter-productive to have to find and run another freezer just for them!

The EFG starts Spanish at school today. She has had a year of French, and now has to add Spanish to the mix, so I hope that she doesn't get confused. I have learned French, German, Latin, Russian, Biblical Hebrew and Ancient Greek in my time, but never Spanish, so I am not going to be much help to her with that, although I do help her out with the French occasionally. We mums have to be helpful - she came home on the first day with science homework - find out what the name of the process is in which a solid becomes a gas (without becoming a liquid)? She had no idea, but I got out the trusty Usborne Science Dictionary and had the answer in seconds - sublimation - so the thing to do is not necessarily know all the answers, but to know where to find them!

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