Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A slow but steady day

I am still feeling the effects of being ill yesterday so what I did today was done slowly and with rest periods in between. I was up early, and got the FGs off to school, and then did my household stuff steadily, things like making beds, tidying, hoovering and polishing,etc. I had to go to take the YFG to see our doctor late in the morning as she has been having a lot of headaches; the doctor thinks that it might be something to do with the glare off the interactive whiteboard that is used in her classroom. Since the YFG sits near to the white board, it is quite bright for her, so we had a chat with her teacher and he will be moving her to the back of the room tomorrow - good result. Hopefully this will help the headaches, but also keeping her well hydrated and rested is also important, so she is having some early nights.

I had thought that I would cut the back lawn today but thinking about it was enough, and I haven't done it yet. I admit to sitting and watching the news for quite some time today as we are interested in the HBOS problems - we used to have a mortgage with the Halifax when it was just the Halifax, and we have a small number of shares that we were given when it converted to a bank. The share price dipped so low today that I thought that they were going to lose all their value - it went as low as 88p at one time, and then the announcement of take-over talks with Lloyds TSB meant that the shares bounced a little bit higher and recovered most of the day's losses. I am glad that we no longer have a mortgage, but these problems are affecting us all in one way or another.

When the EYG came home from school, we were straight out the door again as she was going to the local sports centre to try out a gym course. This is not gymnastics but using fitness equipment to get fitter, and have fun along the way. It is a special pregramme for 11-13 year olds, and today was a free taster session - but she liked it so we signed up for the full eight week course, which begins October 8th.

On the way home, I did a bit of weightlifting as a friend had gifted me two huge sacks of wheat for my chickens and I had to call round and pick them up - and they were Heavy! It was very generous of him to give us them, and will have saved me well over £20 off next month's feed bill.

Tomorrow the FH is going to pick up the next batch of chicks - we have ordered them today and there are some ready to leave the hatchery already! They hatched out on Sunday so they are already a few days old - I will be taking LOTS of photos this time so that we can all see them grow. The existing flock are now being fed only wheat in preparation for killing at the weekend. Well, some of them will be killed, we'll have to see how we go with the room in the freezer!

I am keenly watching Rhonda's blog to see what ideas she has for home made Christmas gifts but I am hoping that they don't all involve sewing or knitting as I am sure that I couldn't produce anything gift-able made in either of those media. Cooked gifts I can do, but not those! You can check out her blog at - it is great, and I am learning so much from reading it.

Well, that is it for today. I know I have one reader, so I am sending love to Ohio, and goodnight!

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