Friday, 5 September 2008

It is STILL raining...

and if we were still home-educating the FGs, we would be doing a monsoon/weather project by now. We had been hoping for a bit of sunshine when the FGs went back to school, but this is a disappointment. The garden needs rain, but not this much! I have beans out there needing to get picked and I don't want to get soaked doing it, so haven't harvested them yet - I am praying that the sun promised for Monday actually materialises!

YFG and I are getting our hair cut tomorrow by a friend so YFG has been trying to decide how she wants hers done. Mine is less of a problem - it is going short! I have a cycle where I grow it quite long, beyond my shoulders, and then I have it dramatically all cut off into a very short style. Some hairdressers are apprehensive of cutting so much off at once, but this will be about the fourth or fifth time I have done it, and it is no problem to me - I enjoy the change. It takes about 2 years to get back to the length it is now, so come 2010, I know I'll have long hair again.

Busy day again tomorrow so I am off for an early night.

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