Sunday, 7 September 2008

Sunday again....

the time is flying past! Church at 9.30 this morning, with a birthday cake as one of the girls was turning 13 today, so it was lovely to share the celebration with the church family and the FGs and I were pleased to be included. We all sang Happy Birthday and since the EFG knows the girl from school, we took a card along for her too.

Home to the garden and bean and tomato harvesting in between some very heavy showers. The FH went out for a couple of hours to see a friend, so I gave the FGs some tuna sandwiches and banana cake for their lunch and postponed the hot meal until later. Spent half an hour on the phone with another friend of mine, and then had a quick chat with my dad - he had been for a walk to fetch a paper this morning and got absolutely drenched to the skin and was feeling a little the worse for wear, poor chap. My sister popped in for a cup of tea and a chat as we are organising a headstone for my mum's grave and needed to decide on an inscription and choose a stone. These things take time and we eventually sorted that out so I have to ring the stonemason tomorrow to ask a couple of questions, and then have him send my dad the bill! The FGs went out riding their bikes for some time, and then went on the trampoline. Unfortunately, the trampoline was very wet from all the showers, so they ended up soaked and decided to have an early bath and put on their PJs, which was fine as it saved me chasing them into the bath tonight. They have been watching TV, playing games and bickering for most of the evening!

After eating, the YFG wanted to be my assistant whilst I did some baking, and we made several things - brownies, and two kinds of oat biscuits. Two recipes that I use frequently came from the excellent ladies (and gentlemen!) on the Forums at - I use the Weetabix brownie recipe, and Twink's Hobnobs. Well worth a look, so head over there and scout around the Old Style board. We also rang a friend to ask for her recipe for choc chip cookies, which we then made. So the cake and biscuit tins are replenished for the week ahead and the lunchbox dilemmas solved for a few days - and the Twink's Hobnobs are in the freezer so that they last until the end of the week or else the gannets that live here would have eaten the lot by Wednesday. I did manage to grab a photo before they started on them!

Don't they look delicious?! You have to watch them very carefully in the oven as you want them the right side of golden brown, and not too dark. We had planned to do a little more baking as the YFG wanted to make some muffins but I ran out of sugar, so that will have to be postponed, although I may make some cheese scones tomorrow.

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