Saturday, 6 September 2008

Glass, gym and straw

were the highlights of my day! I picked up horticultural glass from the glazier for the greenhouse, went to gymnastics for three and a half hours, fetched straw and then went home, chucked a bale of straw into the chicken run and had a quick shower before my friend came round to cut my hair at 3pm. I was very glad to sit and let her do her thing for half an hour and just catch up with myself!

I am very pleased with the haircuts that R did for YFG and myself - YFG's hair is very fine and the way that R has cut it means that it is beginning to look a bit thicker and the ends have been tidied up brilliantly so that it no longer looks straggly. Mine is short and I love it!

The grower chickens were in a sea of mud after all the rain that we have had this week, and covering their run in a layer of straw was about the only thing that would remedy the situation - they thought it was great this afternoon and spent hours scratching happily! I gave the laying hens some as well as they looked as if they were jealous of the growers having all the fun. They are laying well at the moment, although our favourite, called "Goldenburg" (don't ask why cos I don't know!) seems to think that she would like to have another brood of chicks as she is sitting on the nest and has been for days! It is too late in the season now, so she will have to be persuaded to get back to normal - she must have enjoyed life in the maternity wing!

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