Sunday, 29 November 2015

Rocking, Rolling, Riding

That's what the EFG's train is doing today - she's caught in the north of England somewhere, travelling at much reduced speeds due to #StormClodagh and is patiently hoping to make her connections!

Are these storm names amusing you as much as they are us? Whilst not making light of the damage and distress that storms can cause, it does seem that someone somewhere is making them out to be more important than they used to be.  Names used to be for hurricanes and the like, not for a brisk wind coming in off the sea [and yes, that is me underplaying it - I know that they are some pretty fierce winds out there today!].  The weather seems to be changing year on year and we are getting a lot more of this wet and windy weather than I ever remember from years ago....but then, perhaps I don't remember it that accurately - I am far more likely to remember pleasant summer days than drab November ones.

The Fens are clothed in a coat of brown at the moment - the roads are slathered in mud, which rapidly transfers itself to the cars and vans, which are now all brown.  The verges are similarly muddy, and since the fields are ploughed over in the most part - they are deep and rich hues of brown as well.......there's a lot of it about!  Thank goodness for the days when we see gloriously blue skies to contrast with all the dullness occasionally.  Is it any wonder that we long for the bright lights of the festive period?  But we must be patient.


Sandra Ann said...

Blimey who on earth is coming up with these names! They are very interesting for sure. Is the EFG on her way home then? Much rejoicing in your house for sure :-)

By the way your superintendent sounds just great x

Ali said...

It's endless rain and mud here where I live in Wales. I have been lighting a few cinnamon candles in the evening to cheer up the gloom ... but I must confess, I love abit of moody winter weather and enjoy long dark evenings. A little brown and white collie pup joined our family this week and she is full of mischief. Wondering what she will think of a christmas tree!