Thursday, 5 November 2015

We have a plan

which is more than these three look like they have?!  Standing around in a field in the cold doesn't look terribly strategic to me...

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We spent the day with multiple cups of tea, some coloured marker pens and a big flip chart.  And we came up with a five year plan for the circuit, as well as an interim 1-3 year aims chart, and the best bit of all - some direction about what they want me to do between now and the 1st February - phew!

I'm going to continue to work with the smaller chapels in developing their fellowship and outreach in to their local communities but I have also been given the remit to develop the "family finance support" and the bereavement support work, right across the circuit.  Two topics very close to my heart, which I now have permission to launch into wholeheartedly - so exciting!  I don't want to go to bed tonight as I am too excited about getting some plans made, but actually, I know that I have three months to get this kicked off, so there is no need to go made tonight - but I am excited [I know, I already said that!]

Night night xx


Frugally challenged said...

What a lovely expression of approval to have - developing family finance support and bereavement support. God bless you as you do both!

Dc said...

Both very good topics to be looking at. Hope you did manage to get some sleep.

Angela said...

so glad all went so well x

Sarah Head said...

Morgan, I@m so pleased things are going well in your new job. Could I suggest you get hold of a copy of Talking with Bereaved People by Dodie Graves. It was published in 2010 and is the culmination of Dodie's work with West Midlands Cruse. I met her when I was delivering workshops on Coping with Berevement and Loss for professionals and was very impressed by her writing. Some time ago you asked for information to support widowed people. You probably know about
National Association of Widows
Tel/fax: 024 7663 4848

There is also The WAY Foundation
Tel: 0870 011 3450
A national registered charity providing a social and support network for those under 50 who have been widowed.

I've known several young widowed people who have found The Way useful.

If you would like me to email you a copy of my course handout and some useful leaflets like what to do at a coroner's inquest, let me know.

Ali said...

It sounds fantastic Morgan and there us nothing closer to my heart than planning! The two themes present a perfect area of work for you to focus on. I hope I can be of some help in your discussions on bereavement. I am having a similar productive time at work (environmental/ecological based) that will contribute to woodland cover in the UK. This has helped me get through the first anniversary of losing my husband. Work focus is good, and work that produces something which will bring about something beneficial is what makes me and others like me - you, tick. I would give Kim
whatsitfaces online presence a wide berth in favour of a blog like yours. I teach my girls to do, not to be. Duke of Edinburgh Scheme is good for that sort of encouragement. Enjoy your work Morgan -I'm pleased for you.