Monday, 2 November 2015

Freezer diving

In the spirit of my use-it-up and buy-no-more month, we had to raid the freezer to find some dinner accompaniments to go with the sweet and sticky chicken legs that I had cooked last night.  The veggie had the last remaining Linda McCartney pie in the box, and I found an abandoned bag of hash browns......the YFG had a phase of having three or four hash browns for her breakfast every morning before school, but although she still loves them, she is trying to be healthier nowadays.  They got eaten alongside the chicken and some veg.

And then there was pudding...well, UJ brought me some pears the other week, and there are some languishing in the garage because I don't want to add to the not inconsiderable amount of frozen stewed pears that I already have in stock.  I made two mini pear and ginger crumbles for the EF girls, and the YFG, who hates cooked fruit, just looked on as she was quite stuffed from the hash browns by that point!

I like to make meals from storecupboard staples that don't cost too much.  Spending today has amounted to £2 on two tubs of Utterly Butterly [the margerine that the village shop happened to have on special offer] and some orange squash at £1.25 for the bottle.  I've had a mostly stay at home kind of a day, so no problem to keep the purse under control, really!

An evening by the fire, knitting and watching Doc Martin, has rounded off the day nicely.  Pop back in the morning for some exciting news.

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Frugal in Bucks said...

Hi Morgan, hope you're well. I never thought of pear crumble, always just do Apple. Definitely going to try that with some finer too. Lovely. X