Friday, 13 November 2015

Butternut squash soup

Tonight, I was wondering what to do with the bottom part of a butternut squash. The top section had become a curry, alongside a sweet potato and some spinach, and so I had the other bit left. The violinist suggested soup, and indicated that she would like that for dinner tonight, so that is what I made.

It was easy, really, when I found a recipe which I could adapt to the ingredients which I had available. The squash was chopped up and roasted in my little oven for about half an hour in a wee puddle of oil in a roasting dish.  I fried off an onion in a smidge of butter and oil, and then added two garlic cloves [there's a bug going round in a Fenland school at the moment - not ours, yet - so I am going heavy on the alliums] and when the squash was finished roasting, it was added to the onions with 800ml of vegetable stock.  I added a teaspoon of curry powder for a bit more depth of flavour, and then I used the stick blender to whizz it all up.  I served it with a dollop of creme fraiche in each bowl.

It made two bowls of soup, which was perfect for the two EF girls as the YFG hates butternut squash so she opened a tin of chicken soup. They had hot cheese toasties and a microwave syrup sponge pudding with custard for dessert - a lovely, warming storecupboard/use it up kind of supper!  No photos as they ate it too quickly...


Jacqui said...

Sounds perfect - I love that warming feeling that lasts for ages after a good meal like that xx

cheryl soergel said...

I recently bought one just to make soup. This my first time with this veggie, wish me luck. I have a whole squash, I need to check to see if the soup can be frozen. Cheryl

Ali said...

One of my girls had a dance rehearsal all day and after a busy week and a party last night I thought she needed abit of healthy lunch so got up early and made her a flask of pumpkin soup. I too roasted it with some potato, fried an onion and some garlic, added stock and fresh sage out of the garden and whizzed it. I had some for my breakfast and it kept me going til a late tea after a visit to the cinema to see Suffragette - very good but harrowing film. I will never miss my vote.

Morgan said...

Good luck Cheryl - hope it turns out OK and I would have thought it would be ok in the freezer.
Exactly, Jacqui - some nights I just want to fill them up without spending a fortune, and they all cleared their plates. I made a 2 pint pudding basin size of sponge pud and the three of them ate the lot!
Ali - I must get some sage as all the butternut squash recipes are putting it with the squash! The soup recipe I had called for chillies but I didn't have any so that is why I bunged the curry powder in a bit - they said it was good, so it must have been acceptable at least, as they know that if they say something is good, that is my permission to make it again!

Good to hear from you all xxx