Sunday, 8 November 2015

Downton Countdown

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As the minutes are ticking away towards the last episode in the last series of Downton, there are so many questions that need to be resolved!  However, I suspect that a lot of them won't get concluded until the Christmas Day special.

The trailer for tonight's episode showed a lot of little teasers for all kinds of scenarios, and I really want to know whether Bertie and Edith survive Mary's sabotage [I'm sure she is going to have a go when she realises the truth about Marigold!] but I hope that they will get past it as Bertie seems like a really decent "chap" - I've got everything crossed for them!

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Terra said...

I will be sad to see this series end; I like everything about it. Marigold, the secret! Fellowes is creating a 3 part tv series based on one of his favorite books "Dr. Thorne" by Anthony Trollope, which is also one of my favorite books so I look forward to that series in 2016.