Saturday, 7 November 2015

Supper from the stores again

The YFG and the non-vegetarian student enjoyed fish pie for dinner last night. It is a quick, cheap and very easy recipe, and for once, I remembered to take photos!

Two bags of frozen "boil in the bag" fish in butter sauce were microwaved, and some peas and broccoli were steamed, whilst some potatoes were boiled, then mashed with butter,  All stuff I had to hand in the freezer or stores [home-grown tatties, too!]. The picture above shows the fish and veg combined and then shared between two individual serving dishes.

Then the buttery mash is piled on top of the fish mixture, and some cheese is sprinkled over the top - the YFG loves cheese [takes after her father] and was a bit heavy handed with it!

It's all popped under the grill to brown and then it was served with corn on the cob.  Dinner done.


Bless said...

Oh, yum! That looks delicious! I have plain frozen fish (not in a sauce) and don't have any potatoes on hand, but seeing this makes me want to make a fish pie for myself!

Morgan said...

Thanks, Bless. I have made this with plain white fish in the past, but then I made a cheese sauce to bind it together. My daughter prefers the sauce that comes with the fish in the bag though! One of our supermarkets has an offer on this fish at the moment, so that we can buy a box of four bags of fish for £2, which would serve 4 people. Because they are individually wrapped, I just cooked two bags for the two girls. The meal is one which I find quite cheap to make - the fish/sauce is 50p, a handful of peas out of a pack of frozen peas and a similar amount of broccoli, some mash and cheese and it is done. It is also good because the fish is cooked from frozen so I don't have to remember to thaw it out in advance.