Sunday, 1 November 2015

A new beginning

I do love a new month!  November kicked off quite nicely with a gloriously sunny day, once the mist had lifted at lunchtime, and I was able to sit under the verandah out the back of the house for a good hour this afternoon - and it was bliss.

But October has been a bit of a spendy month, so November is going to be a challenge month - one of those things I haven't done much of this year, but it is time to pull up the socks and tighten the belt a little, as there are things I want to save up for - not least another break in Sheringham!

I l-o-v-e-d it!  I love being in a town and it took me back to Cupar, when we walked everywhere.  I went for a walk every day in Sheringham on a circular route which I found, and I popped to the shops for milk and bread and veg, and it was fun, and convenient, and good exercise......perhaps I am ready to live in a town again after nigh on eleven years as a country mouse.  We shall see.

Today's frugal accomplishment was the using up of spare bread to make a bread and butter pud which the EF girls loved, with custard, for their tea tonight.  I was determined not to waste it, and it turned out well as they both said how much they liked it.  I also have to try not to cook too much of some items, like pasta and rice, as the chooks are not here to hoover up the excess now and it has sadly to go in the bin quite often.  More strictness with the portion control is on the agenda.

Tomorrow, I don't have to go anywhere, so I am going to get my unpacked-stuff-everywhere bedroom under control, and get the ironing done, as well as some paperwork.  A menu plan would be a start too.


Bless said...

Just wanted to let you know that excess cooked rice can be frozen; thawed, you can use it for fried rice, in soups, etc.

SusanM said...

Leftover pasta makes a lovely tuna pasta salad. I miss town too x