Thursday, 26 November 2015

One down

Well, last night is over and the last part of Faith and Worship is done - the presentation got a good response from those listening, and comments were made that it was thought-provoking, so I was pleased about that.  Perhaps relevant for today as Thanksgiving for our American friends that my presentation was on "Everyday Gratitude".

Now the next challenge is Sunday's evening service on Advent Sunday....the challenge of this one is that there is also a service at the same chapel in the morning each week and there is a slight risk of overlap so I do try to make the evening services that I take there quite different from anything that they may have had in the morning - but I have got to wrack my brain this week.  I'm making mince pies tonight so I shall mull it over whilst I bake.

I've got poorly girls in two countries this morning - taken the YFG to the doctor with some rashes which itch this morning, and then there's a message from the frozen north about a banging headache that is afflicting the student....paracetamol recommended.

Off to a "Sisterhood" group this afternoon - there aren't many of these devotional women's groups left in this area, but we have one in the circuit. A speaker is coming to talk about the local food bank, so I am keen to go along and find out what he has to say.

See you soon xx


Sandra Ann said...

Prayers for you and the girls. Mince pie baking and a sisterhood meet sounds just the ticket x

Ali said...

Sorry to hear about your poorly girls. One of mine was off with a heavy cold... result of being overtired with dance show rehearsals, mocks,too much homework and the sadness of losing our lovely collie of 11 yrs abit to suddenly to cancer. But today,a little brown & white 8 week old welsh border collie has joined our family and she's snoring next to me right now! We have called her Fern. Hope the baking helped with your thoughts. Now I really fancy a mince pie!

Angela said...

Sadly the 'sisterhoods' do seem to be on the decline. Hope the FGs are better soon x