Sunday, 30 September 2012

Party pennies

We had a wonderful afternoon tea party yesterday - I was so busy and then so engaged in chattering with all the guests that I didn't get any photos, so you have to make do with the logos of the charities we supported yesterday afternoon!

People came and had a good time, they said, so I was very pleased.  I over-catered but it would never do to not have enough food for everyone, and the congregation at the chapel this morning won't mind cake with the  morning coffee.

I was so grateful for the help of the church ladies who manned the tea pots and the washing up bowl admirably.  Two of them stayed in the kitchen most of the time, and another two were helping them out.  The  girls, my own and the others from church, were most helpful in so many ways, so we were very proud of them too.

I hope you all had a cup of tea and some cake yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the "virtual" party!

We raised a further £300 yesterday afternoon, to be shared between the chapel and Macmillan, so overall, after both the events, Macmillan will be getting £320 and the chapel £150.  I think we did well for them!


Lesley said...

It sounds like you had a great time. You can never have too much cake! Great fund raising too.

Unknown said...

That's amazing! And it's for a brilliant cause too.

Sft x

Gill - That British Woman said...

well done on all that you raised.

Gill in Canada

Morgan said...

Thanks, everyone - we had a very enjoyable afternoon, and the sitting room resembles a florist's shop now, with all the flowers!!