Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Afternoon tea

So, it has been arranged at last - afternoon tea for a good number of people in the chapel on the Saturday afternoon after my birthday with an organist who is well respected in the local area playing in the background.

Sounds good, so far?

But what would you recommend for "afternoon tea"?  Do you  have any delicious ideas for the menu?  Have YOU perhaps held a similar event in the past?

All ideas welcome - I'm thinking of the budget, too.  I am going to invite about 70 people, adults and children.  I don't expect them ALL to come, but I will know the weekend prior to the event how many have replied.

Small technical hitch with the printer this morning, but I am hoping to get that resolved and the invitations out this afternoon now that the organist has confirmed his availability.

Fingers crossed xx


Angela said...

Have you thought about offering some interesting alcohol free cocktails? Email me for some recipes - I've done these often for birthday parties in our church hall, and they are always popular. I often ask a couple of teenagers to be cocktail waiters/waitresses. It can be done relatively inexpensively too.

Food- I'd go for small easy to manage nibbles [where cutlery is not required] Crudites and dips, bruschetta type snacks, breadsticks, a platter of pre sliced fruits [melons, strawberries, grapes]

DONT waste money on 'fancy' disposable plates etc. If you ARE using paper, then stick to everything white, but buy a roll of dark coloured banquetting paper to cover the tables.

Above al, have fun, and remember it is YOUR party- find willing friends to be responsible for making the drinks and serving the food! [when is it, if I am free I will come and help!!.
blessings x

Morgan said...

@Angela - many thanks, I have emailed you x

Thrifty Household said...

'Cream Tea' every time for me!