Friday, 28 September 2012

Macmillan pennies

Every penny counts when one is fundraising, and we managed to collect quite a few pennies together today!

The raffle, thanks to the hard work of my friend, Joyce, raked in just over £100 which was amazingly good, and the donations for tea, coffee and cakes amounted to just over £60, so all in all, we have about £170 in the pot to send off to the charity from this morning's event.  The chapel was packed out at one point and we had to make room for a party of latecoming gentlemen (yes, the FH and his mates!) by getting out more chairs and an extra table.  

It was lovely to have so many people there.


Gill - That British Woman said...

well done and you're right every penny does count.


Angela said...

Oh well done. The event I am going to is tomorrow morning.

weekend blessings x

Unknown said...

We had our yesterday at school and we loved it!

Such a brilliant idea, the highest coffee morning was in a fighter jet plane, the lowest in a mine in Cornwall.

Sft x

Welsh Poppy said...

Every little penny counts our event at church which I am organising is in 2 weeks I hope we raise a similar amount.