Monday, 3 September 2012

Getting ready

We are so close to being ready for school on Thursday now!  The YFG has had new school jumpers and shoes bought today, and they have both mooched around the shops and found a few bits to put in their lunch boxes.  I have warned them that they had better not eat them before Thursday, though!

This morning was the last lie in of the summer, as we didn't need to be anywhere, so we were pretty relaxed about getting up.  Luckily I had done the washing last night, so I could just peg it straight out when I got up and saw the sun shining beautifully.  It is typical and totally to be expected that the weather would improve just as the children are going back to school.

Tomorrow morning is chapel cleaning and then gym resumes in the afternoon, and we have several new children starting so it is going to be quite full-on integrating them into the classes, as well as continuing to work with the dozen or so children who are doing a competition on the 16th of the month - not long now!

On my moneysaving front, I had to take a meter reading yesterday for the energy company which we switched to recently.  They want up to date readings every so often, so I trotted out to the box, yellow key in one hand and pad and pen in the other, and wrote down the reading.  Back in front of the computer, I logged on to the website and readied myself to enter the figures.  Slight problem.  The computer reckoned that a meter reader had been round on the 17th August and his reading was higher than the one I was trying to enter, so it wouldn't let me use mine......cue quite a wait on hold on the phone till I got through to an operator, all geared up to tell the person that the was no way the meter was read that day unless a meter reader person had scaled my back gate, all 6ft of it, etc.  I was not chuffed but really had the wind taken out of my sails by the chap saying very nonchalantly, "Oh, it's obviously a mistake, I'll change it," making me wonder why they bother sending the readers round then.  So glad that I had had to read it for myself and check the website or they would have been sending me a new bill and possibly even revising my direct debit based on wrong information.  Phew!


Angela said...

Our daughters had a student flat in London and their meter readings were always different from the readers - until they caught him at it and found he was reading the WRONG meter!!

Glad you got yours sorted!


Morgan said...

@Angela - we have wondered to ourselves whether he had recorded one of the neighbours' readings against our address. I suppose these things happen but we just need to keep on top of them and make sure no damage is done.

Thanks x