Thursday, 6 September 2012

Making progress

Making things has been the order of the day here.

The FH went out yesterday afternoon and came home with about 2lbs of sloes, so sloe gin was on the list today.  Unfortunately, I hadn't banked on the sloes being ready this early in the season as it was October when I made it last year, so I had to go shopping for the gin first.  I combined the trip with getting some red peppers to make the sweet chilli jam which was so well received last year - I have plenty of chillies in the greenhouse again.

The sloes have been pricked and are in the bottles of g in with the sugar and the amazing alchemy that turns sugar, gin and berries into the most delicious liqueur has begun to work.  Daily shakings for a couple of weeks, and then weekly, and we should have something drinkable for Christmas.  It is in the dark cupboard alongside the home made vanilla essence [that is in vodka - people will think I am an alcoholic!].

All the ingredients have been brought together for the sweet chilli jam, so that is on the agenda for tomorrow.  There wasn't really time or energy for that today.  Luckily, I have just been given a wee collection of small jars which, once filled with the chilli jam, will make excellent gifts.

I also did some bed making today - our sheets and those of the EFG have been whipped off the beds, washed and dried in the lovely sunshine we have enjoyed again today, and they are now back on the beds, smelling so fresh and clean.  It has to be one of my favourite smells - no need for fabric conditioner here!  I will do the YFG's at the weekend.

And the girls?  They have both come home happily from school.  The EFG has her timetable, and actually there are only a few study periods over the fortnight, I think, so she has plenty of lessons to keep her occupied.  Textbooks and homework have already been dished out, so she has been doing some maths tonight.  The YFG has found out that they will be studying Pride & Prejudice this term, and has had to gather information about Jane Austen, so that has occupied her this evening.  She has also been given an invitation to go away for the weekend camping with her best friend's family.  They took her away last year and promised to go again this summer but what with the weather and other things, they just haven't been; this weekend looks like we are going to have some fab weather, so they are planning to escape to the coast tomorrow after school.  She is packing her bag tonight, ready to be picked up at 4.30pm tomorrow.

It has been an interesting day without them, but actually we got on with things and didn't have time to miss them...yet.  This evening, we have watched David Weir triumph again to win a third gold medal in the wheelchair racing, and the awesome Jonnie Peacock storm to victory over Alan Oliveira and Oscar Pistorius, neither of whom even got a medal!  That was an amazing race, and I really had no idea who would win, but I am so pleased that it is a British athlete.  So many of the athletes have thanked the National Lottery for helping to fund them that it has made us realise just how much funding it provides for them - we had no idea at all.  We have decided that it would be a good thing to do the Lottery more often - in the spirit of a donation to these people's achievements and in their honour.  I know that if I ever win a silly amount of money, I would give most of it away!!

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