Saturday, 8 September 2012

They've done sport proud!

Oscar Pistorius
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Oscar Pistorius won Gold in the 400m, the final track race in the Olympic stadium tonight.  A fantastic end to a wonderful Games.  He has done so much for disability sport, been a great ambassador and sportsman, that it was so right that he should win an individual Gold as the climax of the track events.  What a star.

Ellie Simmonds
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And our Ellie!  The cheerfulness, the dedication, and the smile on her face just says it all.  She was so pleased with all her medals as she was interviewed tonight - 2 Golds, a Silver and a Bronze - what a haul for such a great swimmer!  

There are more athletes than I can record here who have done sport proud in so many different disciplines.  I have been amazed by archers shooting with their feet, cyclists with one one arm and one leg, the blade runners, swimmers with no arms or no legs, the wheelchair athletes playing basketball tonight, the chaps playing bowls (I think) who could hardly move their own chairs, but could certainly launch a ball, and the wonderful spirit of the Games which holds it all together.

I know that there are still more events to come, but these track and pool events have really been the ones I have watched; they have been the ones most often on the tv when I have been able to watch, anyway!  Hoping for a chance to see the marathon tomorrow, though.

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