Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day off

Sorry that there was no post yesterday, but there was so much to do in the real world that I didn't really get on here much at all!

I spent the morning trying to finish a section of Faith and Worship, my local preaching course, and I kept at it until 1.30pm, which was very good going for me.  The FH hasn't quite got to grips with the idea that when I have my head bent over paper and folders and a pen in my hand, that I am working!  He sits on the piano stool and mutters things at me at intervals, but after I ignored him a few times yesterday (kindly, I will add, I was "mmmm-ing" at times!) he took the hint and went to find other things to occupy himself.

I had some lunch, packed some bags, took a shower and went off to gymnastics then, via the school to pick up the YFG.  The EFG came home on the bus.  We were at gym together until 7.30pm when the FH arrived with the EFG, who had come to the same venue to play hockey for 90 minutes.  The FH took the YFG home with him, and I was at the gym  until 8.15pm, when I then went and sat to read a book until the EFG had finished hockey at 9pm.

Once home, I cooked my tea (everyone else had eaten at various times by then) and headed towards the bath.  I was rather pre-occupied last night, as I am this morning, by a disturbing incident which occurred last night at the gym, and although I slept last night, it has been on my mind because I am unsure of how the future will unfold because of it.  It may not blow over, and certain other people's actions may have longer term ramifications - I have done nothing wrong and just got caught in the middle between two other parties.

So, this morning, I am in for a time of housework and rebooting the washing machine at intervals to get the mountain of washing under control!  The sun is shining and we will see what the day brings.

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Lesley said...

That sounds upsetting for you. I hope that it is all sorted out well. Hugs!