Sunday, 23 September 2012

On the subject of sorting...

I need more magazines published like this lovely one I found today!  91magazine is published on the internet, and is free. That would keep the FH very happy as they would be stored in the hard drive on the pc and not on the shelves here...he doesn't mind eating what I produce, or trying out the gardening ideas, but he isn't keen that I have the inspirational magazines "cluttering up" the house.

Someone on the MSE forums has one of these gorgeous shelf  units from IKEA and on it she stores 10 years worth of Good Food magazines, as well as others.  I don't have 10 years of anything...I did think that the unit would be useful as it is possible to buy deep drawers to put in the cubes and I could see tablecloths and napkins nestling in a couple, as well as all the Wii paraphenalia in another, and even the board games would have a home.  The contents of the sideboard which would have been displayed in a "china cabinet" 30 years ago could actually see daylight for a change, and we could enjoy them instead of them being tucked away and never seen.  I might [might!] pop the odd book or two in random cubes, but it would hold so much and look useful.  They even come in different sizes, and I was toying between the 16 cube one or the 25 cube one.  It was a question of how long I could bear to be saving for it for - 16 cubes would be quicker!

But No, I have been told that I can't have one.  Words were exchanged last night, and I went to bed rather angry.  Frustrated, perhaps.

Because although I know that in a lot of ways, I am in charge of a lot of things here, I am only in charge because the FH allows me to be.  He makes the final decisions on things like cars, furniture, livestock and pets for example.  That's why we don't have a dog.

No comments about feminism, thank you.  This is right, for me, for us, for this Christian family - just as the Christian family worldwide looks to God for leadership, this family looks to the head of the household, who is the FH.  He challenges me to do better, to grow more, to be stronger and more disciplined.  And that is right too.  So that lovely [yes, OK, I am not quite over it yet!] unit will not be mentioned any more, and I will look for other sorts of storage which are already here.  I am challenged!


Angela said...

Sounds like you 2 have the right balance - the shelf thing WILL resolve itself. i had serious desk envy a few months back - and now I cannot think why it seemed so important.
Hug your man and read magazines online instead.

have a good week, my friend! blessings xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am a magazine junkie, and have Prima magazine back from 1988 up in the attic bedroom........shipped them over when we came to Canada!!!


Wannabe Sybil said...

Just saying - it would be a b*gger to dust all the bits. All those nooks and crannies would attract it, and stuff stored loose would also attract dust and need dusting. And dark wood shows the dust...

I've been on the hoarding thread on MSE and I was thinking that sometimes more/better storage is not the answer. I know that you can come up with ideas and solutions, a great opportunity to be creative - good luck! WS xxx