Saturday, 1 September 2012

Paralympic wonders

What a day at the athletics and in the pool today!

Oscar Pistorius smashes world record in men's 200m heats to lay down marker at Paralympic Games
(Getty Images)

Oscar Pistorius blew us away with his amazing 200m heat this evening - he just went out and left the rest behind!

Ellie Simmonds

Ellie Simmonds not only won her race, but set new records as well.  The American girl was just out in front most of the way through the 800m race, but then Ellie took the lead in the last 50m stretch, and she just ploughed her way through the water to triumph!  Go Ellie!  She has several more races to take part in, so she's not done yet. 


Richard Whitehead had us worried to begin with and then he came from behind and it was just as if he was floating along the track - a truly inspirational win from him tonight.  This was in his 200m race.  He is a double amputee, but he runs on what look like "straight" legs, so his legs swing out from the hips and he has quite a wide stride, but must actually fit within the bounds of his lane - it just looks wide.  He is 36, and just outstanding.

The FH has been watching the cycling in the velodrome this afternoon, and I have been amazed at a picture in the paper today of a cyclist who has only one arm and one leg, on the same side - I am bewildered at how he balances the bike with that level of amputation/loss of limb.  These athletes are truly awe-inspiring.

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