Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A frugal forum

[Image from mothering .com]

I know that some of my readers are Moneysavingexpert fans, as I am now and again, but there is another forum which I visit quite often too, at Frugaldom which I am sure that some of you would find interesting, and I know that several of my readers came from there too!

It is a fun forum with lots of different topics, and hordes of fab ideas there too.  There is a fairly busy Daily thread on there, and it is all about living a frugal life, for whatever reason you need or choose to be thrifty.  There are Challenges for support and inspiration, which always help.

Do pop over there and have a look when you have time.  I post there under a different moniker but you will find the link back here in the signature, so you'll know it is me!


Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for the link, I signed up under Appleby,


Lesley said...

I am there too - as Lesley. Not that I am a very active member!

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I was reading your winter prep page.

One of the things I have found that is most effective against the Winter vomiting bug is bleach. I have had it twice and prevented it from spreading to OH by doing the following.

Fill a spray bottle with 2 parts bleach to one part water. Always close the toilet lid before flushing the toilet, once you have flushed wash your hands in hot water, spray the toilet seat top and bottom and the same with the lid with the bleach mixture, then most important spray some of the mixture onto your cloth and throughly wipe the toilet handle.

When I was nursing we were taught that toilet handles were responsible for cross contamination and spread of germs and virus's.

Rinse the cloth after spraying and wiping the sink and leave the cloth in a weak solution of bleach ready for the next time.

Here's hoping no one gets the bug, if they do you know what to do.