Saturday, 29 January 2011

Weekend again

I can't believe that just weeks ago it was Christmas, and now it will be February next week - the time is flying past and a twelfth of the year is past! There are signs of Spring in the air again since the days are getting that little bit lighter, the hens are starting to lay again, and the seeds are on sale in Lidl! It is a good time of year - time to look forward, think about what we did last year and how we can do it differently this year if last year didn't quite go to plan - learn from our mistakes, I suppose.

My biggest thing will be to get the whole thing underway outside earlier this year! We need to sow tomato and pepper seeds earlier, get the incubator going earlier, and think about the raised beds needing compost now.....and then things might happen a little better this year, depending on the weather, and the fertility of the eggs.....

Today I had to lead the gym class as the Head Coach has been ill - he rang me at 9am and said he wouldn't make it in today. We managed fine, although it was typical that when we are a coach down, every child on the register would turn up! After gym, the YFG and I had a saunter around Tesco, then the feed shop for some corn and some breeder pellets for the breeding chooks. These are expensive, so they are carefully metered out to particular birds - and not yet, as the breeding groups aren't organised yet.......that is another job for this week.

Everyone seems tired here tonight - I had a nap for about 90 minutes earlier, the FH has gone to bed to watch some tv and the YFG has gone with him as she isn't feeling quite right, and the EFG has a cold. I think they could all do with a day in bed!! The FH has had a glass of Tesco's version of Bailey's Irish Cream tonight - a very small amount in a sherry glass - as I bought it to make fudge at Christmas and there is a lot left to be used within three months, so he is helping me out with that - he thinks it helps him to sleep but I am not sure that the very small amount I gave him would make a lot of difference but perhaps it is a psychological effect.

I have bread rising near the fire, so since it is still at the first rising stage, I will be up for some time yet - I have made a batch of plain white dough and then another batch which is 2/3 granary mix and 1/3 white, so I am hoping that it will not be too heavy. I'll knock it back at 10pm and it should be in the oven by about 11........bed by 12 tonight then - good job I have a folder full of gym stuff to sort out which totally fell apart this morning - and there might be something half decent to watch on the tv whilst I do it!

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