Saturday, 15 January 2011

And I'm done for the day........

It's been a long one. But I think it has been a good one, because I get the feeling that I have done and accomplished a fair deal today, so I can go to bed tonight with a sense of earned tiredness, not the tiredness that comes from sitting around, watching tv or being bored!!

I was up early at 6.30am and had a couple of loads of washing done before I took the YFG and went to gym. I led the preschool group at 9.30 - there were only 6 kids there: we are a little concerned about what happened to the other 7 that were meant to be there, so their parents will be getting a phone call this week from the Head Coach to see whether they are coming back this term. We need 10 children in order to make the class viable. The 10.30 class was a little late getting started as people seemed to arrive in dribs and drabs over a 15 minute period, but once we got underway, we really worked the children and had a good session.

After gym, I had to sit and have a cuppa and a spot of lunch before heading out to the chook houses for a massive cleaning session. 8 of the 10 pens got cleaned before it got to the stage where the chooks were needing to go inside, so I couldn't be cleaning them out - so 2 left to finish tomorrow, if the weather is OK. A shower was definitely on the agenda after that, and then I was sous-chef to the YFG as she cooked a savoury rice dish for the supper.........a night off for me, really, but I was left with the washing up.

This evening, I have pottered around, taking down dry washing and hanging up more of the wet stuff, and rebooting the washing machine with more. Last load of the day is still in there.

The FH has spent another day in bed, but he feels that his foot is improving a little, so I am hoping that he might get up tomorrow - he will have barnacles on his bum soon if he doesn't get up for at least the afternoon tomorrow. We may not go to chapel in the morning, as I am quite tired and him being out of action still means that I have everything to do and so to go to chapel would mean me getting up at about 6.30 yet again - the spirit is willing, but the flesh needs its sleep!! Suppose I had better head off to bed now, and then if I wake up early enough, we could go......

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