Thursday, 13 January 2011

Very much approved!

Thanks to the lovely people at the Frugaldom forums, I found out about the shop in Ramsey which the FH and I visited last week. I also found out about Approved Food: this is a website selling short dated/out-of-date food - but only food that is past its Best Before date so it is all perfectly usable, and not at all dangerous to eat.

I placed an order with AF last Saturday, and it was here, delivered by a courier service, on Tuesday afternoon. I received an email to say that the parcel had been dispatched, and then, on Tuesday morning, a text message to say that it would be delivered within a particular hour slot.

The parcel was very well packed, and all these goodies were tucked inside. Not everything is actually past its Best Before date - the Crosse & Blackwell savoury rice is in date until December 2011! And how would Tesco's cleaning liquid pass a Best Before date?

A few examples of serious bargains are: James Martin lemon tart mixes - should be £2.49 each, on sale at £1.99 for FIVE! Sainsbury's cuppa soup - a pack of nine boxes, each containing 4 servings - one pound the lot!

The delivery charges are very reasonable - £5.25 to most places for the first box, containing up to 29kg, and then £3.75 for each additional box. The website very handily calculates the weight of the order as you put the items in the virtual trolley, so you know when you are coming to filling a box, and can either decide to stop, or fill another. I have already talked to a neighbour about a joint order to save postage. The website offers change as the supplies change, so it will be one to keep an eye on!

And all these items in the photos? £33.odd including the delivery charge!!


dreamer said...

AF have saved me a fortune over the past year or so with their offers and I still have a huge store of stuff to work through. I wish they had been in business when my 4 were children and taking packed lunches to school, I could have saved loads.

The Squirrel Family said...

watch out you will be hooked in no time