Friday, 7 January 2011

Upping the stakes

One mouse caught overnight and then another this evening - two in one day is a good haul! The noises under one of the cupboards have stopped today, but the YFG has seen another lurking behind the fridge.....the saga will continue.

This morning my friend D popped round to make arrangements for us to collect her children from school later in the month whilst she nips off to hospital. The FH will actually have to do the collecting that day as I will be in Cambridge on a governor course. They are lovely children and he won't mind - he has agreed. D stayed for a while, and then the chap came for the Astra so I had to say a sad goodbye to the car - end of an era there and lots of happy memories of trips around the countryside in that car.

After lunch, the FH and I went to Ramsey. On the Frugaldom website, I had read about a website called Big Brands For Less and people were talking about some breadmixes which work and are very cheap. I found them on the website and then discovered that there is actually a shop and it isn't more than 45 minutes away. Since it was a very dreary afternoon, we thought we'd go over there and see what else was on offer. The shop was very small but well packed, and we found the breadmixes easily (3.5kg for £1 - just add water) so bought those and some other bits and bobs like rice pud and Jelly Bean (2 tubes for £1) as a treat for the girls.

Ramsey has another claim to fame, apparently: the world's first carbon neutral supermarket. Tesco has built an eco-store there, which aims to generate more energy that it uses, uses rainwater to flush the loos, natural daylight, LED-lights in the car park, and a timber framed building - it was refreshingly different from the average run-of-the-mill Tesco. All the refridgerated food was in cabinets with sliding doors rather than open as well. I was sort of impressed, but I wouldn't travel that far to patronise it very often - and I notice that there was already a good sized Co-operative store in the town so I wonder about the necessity of a Tesco adding to the town.

Yesterday, the chooks managed to lay an egg between them! I am not sure which hen laid the egg, but it was a layer (ie one who was laying before, not a pullet) in the group of older hens. I was so excited to find it that I rushed up to the house to show the FH!!


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

No furry freinds for us last night, but no doubt we will have a few more before the weather changes.

Wish I lived closer to the food warehouse, I would be there, I might have a look at the wesite, although I have bread flour in the cupboard and also in the freezer.

We had snow again last night the airport is closed again!!

Morgan said...

Another mouse this morning - and I have just inducted myself to the delights of the Approved Foods website - I have been missing out!! Smallish order placed, so can't wait to see what turns up!!