Thursday, 27 January 2011

Seeing double

The Approved Foods delivery was here at 12.30pm and then the fun began! I knew I had ordered four big packs of loo roll so I wasn't surprised that there were two boxes as I wasn't sure that it would all fit into one. The FH loves unpacking deliveries so he dived right in and started on one of the boxes and I on the other one - and then the duplications started to emerge - I was crossing things off the list as we found them and he would say he had got so and so and then I would realise that I had already unpacked some of those and crossed them off - we had got exactly DOUBLE what I ordered - 20 Five Alive cartons instead of 10, 8 bags of crisps instead of 4 and on and on....For about two seconds, I was tempted to keep quiet, and then I realised that this was a mistake and someone could get into trouble for this lot going missing, so I phoned up and Lisa was rather mystified, but she sorted it out and has arranged for the courier to come back in the morning and pick the extras up, so we repackaged them and they are ready by the door! Hats off to AF customer service.

I have also arranged for Autoglass to come and repair a chip in the windscreen of the Vectra in the morning, so the FH will have a morning waiting for the doorbell to ring. I am taking the EFG to hospital to have an ultrasound as the doc wants to rule out polycystic ovaries.......I have explained to her that for it to work she has to be fit to bust for a wee, so she will be drinking a lot in the morning!!

The hens are beginning to lay again - put out the flags! Seven one day this week, only two today, but it will be hit and miss for a few weeks until they get themselves back into the swing of it, and the new layers have to learn to drop the precious cargo in the nest boxes and not just where ever they want to.... I have found a couple in the runs so far.

Our lovely friend B has been round and cut the girls' hair tonight and they both look great - she always does an excellent job. I would usually trade her a cake for the hairdos, but I was short of time this week and so I popped into the shop and bought her a box of chocs instead, which she was thrilled to receive - happiness all round.

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