Wednesday, 5 January 2011

We got a mouse!

I followed advice last night and put some peanut butter on the mouse traps, thinking anything was worth a go. The FH put a tiny sliver of carrot on the trap first and then I smeared the carrot quite liberally with PNB. Well, the mouse ate it all up and almost left a tip - the little darling ate the lot off both traps and didn't get caught - again!!

BUT this evening, halfway through dinner when I was taking plates back to the kitchen, there he was again - scuttling along the counter and behind the bread machine........eeeeeeeeeeeekkkk! So the FH had a mighty fine idea and sent the EFG for equipment. I moved as much stuff out of the way whilst he set up this very specialised bit of kit - and then it was war.

He hoovered the mouse up the pipe, and promptly stuffed several plastic bags down the end of the pipe. Job almost done!! We just have to get the mouse out of the hoover now.....a job we will definitely be doing Outside.

Of course, we can't be sure that that was the only mouse, so we will be taking precautions and setting traps again tonight - if the food gets eaten, we at least know we have more company, even if we can't catch them with the silly traps.

What hysterical laughter you would have heard here tonight!!!


silversewer said...

We have mice too, I have had the mouse man in and he has put stuff down, I have also caught heavenknows how many with pea nut butter, we must have more sensitive traps than you. Had not seen any for over a week, then yesterday there was a mouse in the trap and today we have caught 2!! The mouseman cometh again tomorrow!!!

Morgan said...

You're right about the traps - need to get some more sensitive ones!