Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Still around

Yes - I am still here, but this week is a bit mad, so I am having trouble posting!! I am doing this one at just gone 6am. Why is the week mad? There is stuff happening at the school, so I had a meeting there on Monday (all morning), one today (10am for ?hours), and another one on Friday morning.....add in to that still doing gymnastics, the EFG wanting me to take her to school this morning because she has a GCSE Physics exam (good luck!) and I have also got to go to Cambridge for a governor training session today (1.30 - 6pm) and I have been trying to cook ahead for the times I am not here, as the FH's gout is bothering him again so he is resting most of the time. Monday night I cooked mince for spag bol last night, and yesterday I made a lamb-shank casserole to have tonight. I will be at home tomorrow night, thank goodness.........

I am also having challenges making decent bread with the BB4L breadmix that I bought a couple of weeks ago. After several less than successful breadmachine attempts, I made a double batch yesterday in the Kenwood with the dough hook, let it rise, punched it down and put it in two loaf pans, and it rose again - cooked it in the oven and managed to produce two loaves I could be proud of. Duly sliced and frozen now. So relieved to have found a simple way of making bread, and I hope to be able to do it a couple of times a week to produce all our own bread. I can see that if I can do that, I will have to get more breadmix..........I am also going to try using the granary mix later in the week and see what the family think to that.

Better go - things to do!

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silversewer said...

I also have a problem using bread mixes in the breadmaker, they always seem too wet and do not cook properly, so I use it to make the dough then knead the dough into shape and let it rise etc. I have also had a problem with cake mix it splits on the top. Have not used any for a bit, must have another try.