Thursday, 20 January 2011

It was OK!

I was worried about getting through yesterday - but it was actually OK! I get bothered sometimes when I have too many commitments in one day, and just the thought of all that yesterday had started to be a I got up at 5.45am to get a head-start on it all and make sure I had everything I needed ready, and to be less rushed.

I let the chickens out in the dark - some were a bit reluctant to come out of their houses, but they had to come out if they wanted to eat, and by the time I let the last group out, it was almost light. The girls and I left here at 8.15am for the short trip to the town to the school, overtaking their bus before we left the village, and ensuring that the EFG was at school well before the time for her exam. I came home again by a rather circuitous route to get through the early traffic of people heading to work. Home to my breakfast - three sausages which set me up nicely for the day!

I was at the school for the meeting at 10am - and I left that meeting, which was completed bar the chitchat, at 11.30am so I had time to come home and have a quick drink before going off to Cambridge. The trip to Cambridge didn't take long at all - not as long as I had allowed, which is always good - so since there was plenty of tea and coffee and sandwiches available at the venue, I took the opportunity to sit and chat with the other people at my table. They were an interesting bunch - from all over Cambridgeshire - East Chesterton in the city, Stretham in the East of the county, Wyton-on-the-Hill near Huntingdon, Huntingdon itself, and Bar Hill - a purpose built settlement built 42 years ago. Family history - my great-grandfather owned some of the fields upon which Bar Hill was built! Four women, two men and a mix of ages and experience, so it was a good mix, and I hope that we all sit together at the second session in a few weeks time.

The evening meeting went OK but I have decided to resign from that committee as it is dominated by one woman - and she insulted our gymnastics club last night quite rudely so I have had enough of her. If one volunteers for something, you can do without that sort of behaviour - and the woman isn't even the chair of the committee - that person seems to sit back and let this woman take charge. Last night I tried to ignore her and address my comments to the chair. I do feel that I would like to tell the chair how I feel about the insult last night so I have to ask someone where she lives or where I can find her phone number!!

And eventually, I sat down with my tea, returned a couple of phone calls and emails and fell into bed! I had to bribe the EFG to go and shut the hens up for me as I was too tired to get changed into outside gear - so I am on rabbit feeding duty today for her.

And so today - the FH is going to the surgery for acupuncture for pain relief regarding his gout at 11.30am, I have the afterschool gym club to run, and then the YFG has a cornet lesson at 6.30pm with the musical director of the band. This is a one-off lesson because the band practise on Monday night was so busy with more beginners that she didn't get a decent play at all, and came home with a slip of paper asking me to ring the MD. I will have to go and find her house in daylight when the FH is at the surgery because she warned me that it is very tucked away in a cul-de-sac so I don't fancy trying to find it in the dark!

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