Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cue panic!

(I have had a glass of wine tonight, so I apologise now if this doesn't make a lot of sense!!)

It was all going so well. The FH, YFG and I had been to chapel, come home and had a cup of tea. I decided to go north to a discount shop where I knew I would be able to buy a 5l plastic container with a lid to go in the fridge. Round trip would take about an hour, with a stop on the way home to fill up with the cheapest petrol I could scout on the way up there (price rises due here). All went well. Purchase made and heading home. Approached Tesco where I believed the cheapest petrol to be, and the YFG said that she Needed some stuff for lunchboxes, so we had to go into the store as well as the petrol station. OK, I said, you go get what you need, I need the loo, so I'll meet you back here near the flowers in a minute.

I'm in the loo, and I suddenly for no reason decide to check my phone, where I find a text from the EFG - "Um. Dad having a crisis" OMG!!!!!!!! Half an hour ago!!! What kind of crisis? I text back pronto. No reply. He's had a heart attack, he's gone to hospital in an ambulance, he's ..........I don't know what I didn't think........I rang the house - no answer - my mind was whirling. I got out of the loo and headed for the rendezvous with the YFG - who then approached me from behind and scared me to death.

I rang the house again - and HE answered. "What's the matter? Are you OK? What's happening?" "Oh - the kitchen floor is covered in water - the dishwasher leaked!"

"Is that ALL? I can cope with that!" Water on the floor - nothing, not a problem, I don't care. That is nothing in the grand scheme of things, my love, when I was imagining you dying.

EFG has had a talk about cryptic text messages.............


Mrs. Mac said...

Boy .. talk about a scare! He needs a good spank ;)

silversewer said...

Sorry, but I just had to smile, kids just do not think at times do they????

Glad it was the dishwasher and nothing serious