Monday, 10 January 2011

Baking mad

I felt that I hadn't been at home at all today: I was at school for a meeting between 10 and 1, pottered about at home until 2.45 and then nipped off to town to Tesco and the DIY shop for 90 minutes.

Today didn't start off terribly well - the FH had a fall as he was getting out of the shower this morning; I was relieved that I was in the house when it happened as I was able to go to him and help him to get up. He was rather shocked, and got back into bed for the time that I was out this morning. He didn't feel up to doing much and it seemed more sensible to sit in bed and watch some tv and snooze, tucked up in the warm, rather than sit downstairs and have to light the fire or be cold! We looked at the shower and decided that it would be a good thing to replace the shower enclosure as this is not the first time he has fallen in this way. The trouble is that the enclosure opens on the corner so that you have to get in on the diagonal and there is nothing to hold onto. If we put in a fully opening door at one side, he can have a grab rail on the wall so that he has something to hold onto whilst he is stepping out. I went to the DIY store to look into the shower options whilst I was out - there is a huge range in price!

After my trip out, I had a couple of hours in the kitchen and made good use of the oven: mincemeat muffins, two loaves of white bread, a cherry pie and a jam turnover, toad in the hole for tea and a banana cake. I bought some "reduced" veg at Tesco - and got quite a lot of broccoli, so I took one head of broccoli round to my friend D. Whilst I was there I saw some manky bananas that she was going to throw out, so she asked me if I wanted them!! Of course!! So I managed to swap the broccoli for two bananas just perfect for cake.

Tonight the FH and the YFG have been to band practise. The EFG has had a night off as she is taking a GCSE Biology exam on Thursday, and then one in Physics next week - she is working hard on her revision and didn't want to get distracted from all that.


dreamer said...

Never even thought of mking mincemeat muffins - thanks for thr idea :)

Morgan said...

I can't take the credit for that idea as I got it myself from Sue at The Quince Tree (in my bloglist).

They have turned out quite well!

The Squirrel Family said...

wow what a busy day

sorry to hear aboy the showere incident i know that insore/poundstretchersell a no drill handrail that has suction cups , not sure how well it works but its only a fiver in the sale

I had considered one as i struggle to get out of the bath without hubbys help (i have cervical spondylosis and have very little grip in my left hand )