Thursday, 6 January 2011

And there's more...

Yes - another mouse in the trap this morning and we can hear sounds of more!! The YFG is frequently to be found in the kitchen, standing on a chair, saying, "It's under there," at the moment. She does like a bit of a drama.

In the interests of health and safety, and to preserve my food stocks, I have put a lot of dry foodstuffs in large plastic containers today, and thoroughly cleaned out some of the kitchen cupboards - the rest of them might get done tonight. Thankfully, the mouse poo evidence is not spread out too far so their movements have been relatively limited, which is a great relief. We have purchased four good mousetraps today, and a neighbour has lent us three more, so that makes 9 altogether - not quite enough for that great scene in "Mousehunt" where there are hundreds of traps all going off at once, but certainly enough to have a good go!

My Astra has been sold tonight - for the grand sum of £70....which is just about what the scrap man would have given me for it. And it will still be seen around the place, as the chap who is buying it is connected with the feedshop where I get my chook food, so I'll still see it occasionally. We bought it in August 1998 so I was a bit off in my thoughts before, but I had the right year!

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