Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ups and downs

I have had a very rough couple of days with things going on at the school and I am quite wrung out over it all! I have had long conversations with a number of people, official and otherwise, and things are beginning to happen........someone said that the powers that be won't do anything and I said that I will not let the situation be swept under the carpet. Another person questioned why I put myself through all this, and the answer to that is that I don't pass the buck when the going gets tough - I have been elected to this position for a year (at our school - other schools do it for different periods) and I will see it through. Whether I will stand for election again next year will be a matter for serious consideration - if I don't though, I will give anyone else coming forward a much better idea of what the position involves, and how totally lonely it is! I admit to crying yesterday because I was completely overwhelmed at the feeling of responsibility I had for the children and staff at the school, and the feeling that the knowledge I had been given imposed a duty of care on me that meant I had to act. I was relieved in a way to get to gymnastics yesterday afternoon so that I had to focus on something else.

The EFG is not here this morning. She went home from school last night with a friend for a sleepover and they are going to the cinema this afternoon, so I will be picking her up from the friend's house tonight. We realised that this is the EFG's first real sleepover at someone else's house - the YFG has been on loads, but the EFG had only been to my sister's before! I am not worried about her - she's nearly 15 - but it is strange here without her and I do miss her!!

I made more homemade bread this week, and realised how important the way I lay the dough in the tins is to the final shape of the cooked loaf - if it is uneven, the loaf rises wonky and then goes over in one direction - so I must be more careful to ensure that the loaf is shaped and placed in the tin properly after I have kneaded it. The bread is OK, but it could have been better!! The electric slicer works wonders and I have sliced bread in a bag in the bread store just like shop bought. The FH loves it, the girls are getting used to the crust! I will be going to Huntingdon this week, so I will be popping over to Ramsey on my way to get some more of the breadmix from Big Brands For Less.


Wannabe Sybil said...

Hugs It is always hard doing the right thing - you almost know you are doing the right thing by the amount of resistance. WS x

Colin Ian King said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog. I have huge sympathy with you over your C of G role. I have been chair at my kids primary for the past 18 months and only now do I feel comfortable in what I do. We are also making some difficult decisions. Stick at it! If there is any way I can help, I'll be more than happy.