Saturday, 28 February 2009


We have successfully recycled the Duplo through ebay and all 7 lots sold last night, with a combined total of £64 odd, which is £4 more than I paid for the job lot from EFG's godmother more than 10 years ago - so all the playtimes that the girls, my childminded children and visiting children have had have been free! And the best of it is that there is still more to sell. I didn't list it all at once because of the thought of posting it all off at the same time, so there are about 5 more lots to list this week. Good result, I thought.

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I got outside and dug over one of the vegetable beds. The horse muck had been sitting on the top and the weather had broken it down and it was perfect for just turning over yesterday. If the number of worms I found is any indication of the quality of the soil, it is wonderful as there were several there every time I turned the spade over. I just felt that the sun was shining and it was warm so I had had enough of being inside and wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine - and it was lovely to be outside with the rabbits in their hutches nearby, the cat watching me and the chickens cackling to themselves just at the bottom of the garden. I could do that every day. I will have to do it some more, as there are four more beds that need digging, but one is enough at a time - I had to go for a little walk and deliver some eggs to a friend round the corner in order to let my back straighten out!

Lent has arrived and I should have decided what I was going to give up before now, but I haven't really thought about it much. Given how bad my diet has got lately as I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon completely, and how unwell I feel as a result, I am going to give up sugar for the duration. Then I will look forward to making a nice cake for Easter Sunday tea as a treat. I have also enjoyed reading Delia Smith's book, A Feast for Lent, which is a religious book and not a recipe book, in the past, so I may have a hunt through the bookshelves and read that again this year.

We are off to gymnastics again this morning. I have taken some photos to share with you and will hope to get them up this afternoon.

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