Friday, 6 February 2009

Schooldays confusion

It was one of those, "Will I? Won't I?" days this morning. We constantly refreshed the website where the local radio station lists the schools which are closed for the day, and our two schools did not appear, so the girls got ready and went off for their day. The little boy next door was given the day off, though, as we found out that the village school could only manage KS2 children for some reason.

I got on with the chores for the day - loaded up the dishwasher, made the beds, got the washing machine busy too, filled both breadmakers with ingredients and got them churning away, etc and then at 11.30 the call came to ask us to pick up the YFG as the school was closing! Then the FH's cousin was on the phone to say that the EFG's school were appealing on the radio for parents to go fetch their kids, and so I gave them a quick call, to be told that the village children's buses had already left - and sure enough, she walked through the door 15 minutes later!

This afternoon, the YFG has had her friend round to play, and they have baked cakes, played in the garden at making an igloo and generally been very busy. The YFG is going to her friend's house tomorrow for a sleepover, so there were lists to be made too - important stuff to be shared! Tomorrow evening is going to be quiet here!!

Gymnastics has been cancelled for tonight and tomorrow morning as the school where we hold the club was closed today and so we were unable to get in to set the equipment up - and I probably wouldn't have wanted to have driven in there tonight anyway! We will offer a class the last weekend of half term to compensate for this missed weekend. I'm glad of the rest - and it will keep me away from the shops tomorrow as we have made it a regular thing to do the grocery shopping after gym on Saturday afternoons. I don't want to make the trip into town simply for the shopping as I am not buying enough to make the miles worth it, so I will probably hope to manage until next Tuesday when I am going to the smaller town where there is a Co-op. We will run out of clementines, but we'll be fine!!

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