Thursday, 12 February 2009

RIP baby rabbits

We have had a birth and death today - one of the rabbits unexpectedly had four babies in the night, but they were all dead by the time we found them this morning. It can't be helped as the weather was so severely cold last night that the poor things just didn't stand a chance. We would not have mated them on purpose, but the male was wrongly identified as a female and left in a cage with the female - that will be rectified as soon as we can sort out another hutch for him!

The snow is falling here again tonight, and little girls are hoping for a day off school tomorrow! I hadn't heard that we were expecting snow again - the last forecast I heard yesterday had been that we were to get several bright, dry days. There has been enough already that it is lying, and it is still falling steadily. Snow presents all sorts of challenges, and I hate to drive in it, so I have cancelled a trip out to a meeting tonight in a local village; the little roads are often not gritted and with the rain we have had, there will be ice under the snow. Spring cleaning/rearranging is continuing inside the house, and my friends and I are all longing for spring!

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