Saturday, 7 February 2009

Today has been a waiting game for the YFG as she was waiting, waiting, waiting for lunchtime to come around so that she could go around to her friend's house to play and then have her sleepover. Her bag was packed before breakfast, and all morning, her refrain was, "What's the time? Is it lunchtime yet?" We managed to distract her a little, and then eventually, she had her lunch and it was finally time to go!

The EFG and I went to town to do the shopping as I had found another reason to go - the chickens were running out of food, and the FH's car was desperate for petrol. He tends to run around the village and rarely goes much further, so it was down to me to take it to town and treat it to some fuel! The EFG doesn't often get to come to the shops with me, so she enjoyed a little potter around, and encouraged a few extra purchases, as she is wont to do, unfortunately.

The weather here has been freezing cold, and so the snow that is still here has become incredibly crisp underfoot. The roads to town are OK although we took it very steadily. Apparently, we may have more to come, but I have really had enough of it now!!

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