Monday, 2 February 2009


We have snow in the Fens today - there was a good covering this morning when we got up, but then it had mostly melted away by about 11.30. However, I know that more is forecast for the day and it is indeed snowing again right now. The chickens are not sure what to make of it, and some are staying in their house and only coming out to eat and scarper back in again as fast as possible! They have still managed to lay half a dozen eggs this morning, though, so I am pleased with that, as I thought that the freezing temperatures might put them off.

I did sort out the menu plan for the week and here it is:
Monday - leftover roast dinner from yesterday
Tuesday - Home made soup and toasted sandwiches, pudding
Wednesday - Toad in the Hole, veg and mash
Thursday - Vegetable stew with dumplings
Friday - Corned beef hash
Saturday - Sausage plait with baked beans
Sunday - Roast chicken, potatoes, parsnips, etc

The Sausage plait is on the menu for Saturday because I will need to buy some puff pastry when I do the shopping. I have everything else that I need for the week already to hand, so that means no need for shopping all week - hurray!

The snow is forecast to fall more heavily this afternoon and at "rush hour" so the FH will decide later whether to take the girls to band practice tonight - the main roads will be clear, but we have four miles of little roads to get us to the main road and those are the roads which do not get as much grit and may well be dangerous - especially if the melted snow freezes tonight and forms ice. I will have the same concerns about going to gymnastics tomorrow evening - I don't mind driving there at 3pm, it is the return journey at 8.15 pm that I worry about. I really don't like driving in these conditions and will avoid it if I possibly can!

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