Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sharing times

Oh my gosh! What a day I have had today....had to go to the doctor's for a quick blood test, and run a couple of errands whilst I was in town - drop off some DVDs that the FH had borrowed from a friend and pick up the key to the gym for Saturday. I stopped off at FH's friend's house on the way home and had ten minutes chatting with him and his wife - he has some ducks and they have just started to lay; the first egg was laid yesterday and there were three more this morning. B was pleased and when I arrived he had just eaten two for his "brunch". When I got home, I saw that my neighbour's mum was in, so I nipped round with some magazines that I had sorted out for her last night - she was pleased, and of course, I was there for a few minutes, chatting away. Returned home, FH put the kettle on and we had a cuppa and then I picked up a smaller stack of magazines for another friend, but when I got to her house, it was obvious that she had just been crying, so I stayed with her for about an hour and had a chat.

This afternoon, I have been taking photos of an old lathe that the FH wants to sell - we aren't really sure of the best place to sell it, and had to spend some time researching the options, and we still aren't that sure!

I haven't felt that I have achieved much today, but I suppose that I have done some good in one way or another - someone asked me this morning in one of these chat sessions whether I would like to go to work! I remember replying that I don't really have time........What have I achieved today at home? Some laundry, cooked a good dinner with a pudding for a treat, made some bread, looked after the hens this afternoon, picked up the YFG from school and sold two dozen eggs. I have got some new recipes from the magazines that I need to file, so I am off to do that now, and hope to get some inspiration for meals for later in the month.

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