Thursday, 26 February 2009

Busy day again

I have been out and about today delivering books to 8 different venues, where the customers can look at them and I'll go back in 2 weeks to deliver their orders. It took me south towards Huntingdon, along the A14 and then back north through the villages. I left here at 9.15 this morning and just managed to get back to pick the YFG up from school at 3pm. I found time to call in on my dad whilst I was out, and have a very quick trip into Tesco at Huntingdon to pick up some fruit and veggies. I have had a treat tonight in that the FH cooked the tea and gave me the night off - hooray for husbands! He also did the ironing today whilst I was out, so that is wonderful too - I am grateful for all help offered.

The chimney has hit a problem - we lit the fire yesterday and the smoke billowed out into the room everywhere! The flue is not high enough outside, and more pipe has got to be put up. A couple of friendly window-cleaners were roped into the the job on Wednesday morning, so we'll have to see if we can catch them again as they only charged £20 and a cuppa - bargain!

The Duplo I have listed on ebay is doing well - all the lots bar one have sold, and the final prices will be established when the auctions finish tomorrow evening. Then I will have to get them all in the post on Monday morning. I have had enquiries today from people in Estonia and Croatia! Maybe Duplo is rare over there.

Our hens are laying some huge eggs - this past week we have had some rather large eggs laid which are all having two yolks inside when we crack them. We had a couple for our Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday celebrations, although we had them for breakfast on Wednesday as we had gym on Tuesday night and got back quite late to do much cooking, so we postponed it for the next morning - they went down very well. I am not selling those eggs, but keeping them for ourselves and just selling the normal sized ones. I have 6 or 7 regular customers now which is good - it means that there are enough eggs for us but plenty to sell as well.

Baking day tomorrow.

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