Sunday, 1 March 2009

Church bells

At gymnastics yesterday morning, we could hear church bells ringing out - and then when I had to nip over the road to get some milk for the tea, I could hear them in all their glory. It was a lovely spring day, bright and sunny with a fresh breeze, and the bells were pealing out across the town - it was wonderful, and put me in a good mood!

Today being the 1st March is the start of another financial challenge for us. I did not curb spending in February and we spent as normal, which is reasonably frugal, and certainly not lavish, but this month we are going back to the "essentials only" kind of spending, which clears out the stock cupboard and makes menu planning interesting. I have had a delivery of staple items from Asda today (with a voucher code for free delivery) and that came to £74.50 so I am allowing myself £125.50 for the rest of the month for groceries or anything edible - so that includes things like a school dinner on World Book Day for the YFG and it also includes anything that I buy for the garden like fruit bushes or seeds, which are used for the production of food! That is the maximum I want to spend, and I would like to spend less. We are well stocked up on everything else, non-food wise, like cleaning items, hygiene items and all that sort of thing! I'll let you know each week how we are getting on, and what we are eating. In the months to come, I would like to reduce the amount we spend in these months, as well as the amount we spend in a "normal" month, but I think that the best way to go about it is slowly!

A busy evening is ahead, wrapping parcels from the sales on ebay, so after tea (casseroled lamb shanks with vegetables), I have to get the FGs' hair wash session over, and get myself set up to watch "Wild At Heart" whilst I wrap, and wrap, and wrap.......It shoudn't take that long, I hope. I also hope to get the other items listed tonight as well, ready for next week. Sorry about the photos I promised yesterday: the camera has gone AWOL but when I find it, I'll put them up.

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