Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Book Fair season

Next week is a busy week here as Thursday is World Book Day and so I have some Book Fairs to do. I had two booked in and then last night I got a call from a school co-ordinator for whom I have done book fairs in the past. She realised it was short notice, but was I free at all next week?! So there is another one to do - I gave her the days I was free last night and she'll call back today after she has spoken to her Headmaster and let me know which day that they have chosen. It's good for business, but it will be a tiring week!

Books are wonderful, although I know that I am biased as books are my work. I feel so sorry for children whose parents don't appreciate the power of a book - there is so much to be gained from reading! Quite apart from the obvious, knowledge, children can escape and live other lives through a good book - have experiences, go places, do things! Reading broadens their horizons in a way that nothing else quite manages - I do get fanatical about books at times!

The ebay auctions are progressing well and the Duplo is attracting some bids - thank goodness. I do have to sort a query that came in last night about the cost of sending some of it to the Czech Republic, so I'll take a trip to the Post Office later this morning and get back to that person with a price. I don't have any accurate scales here, so I can't look it up online.

More work calls to make this morning, and then books to pack for deliveries! All is well in the garden and chicken runs, so there is nothing to worry about out there. I can't sow any seeds just yet, although I am itching to get on with it all. The weather is damp and mild again today, so not much good for hanging the laundry out. Better go and get on.

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