Wednesday, 4 February 2009

In between days

The snow has mostly gone, but there are odd patches remaining in the shadows, perhaps waiting for the next fall. We are supposed to be getting a light covering tomorrow or Friday, so we will be looking out for that. We have been very lucky here in the Fens that we haven't had any major disruptions: neither of the FGs' schools have had to close, and the amount of snow that we have recieved here has actually been minimal compared to other areas. Certainly, we haven't had enough for snowmen! The FH didn't take the girls to band practice on Monday evening but the YFG and I went to gymnastics yesterday - the roads were fine as they had been well gritted.

The menu plan worked for Monday and Tuesday but I forgot to get the sausages out of the freezer for the Toad in the Hole today so they are having macaroni cheese instead - it is nice to have the flexibility to move meals around, knowing that we have the basics in the house and have that freedom. The FH has been to the local Over 60s type group and had a huge lunch there of steak and kidney pie, mash and peas, followed by pavlova and fruit - all for £3.50. He came home at 2.30 and said that he was full for the day, so I am taking him at his word! The YFG has her friend here and I will be making the pasta just for the three girls as I can't eat it. Not sure what I will be having yet.......

At the rate I am going, I will need to keep more hens from the second batch of growers for egg laying - I already have customers who have eggs regularly, but now I have someone wanting 2 dozen a week and another lady wanting a dozen regularly, so now is the time for the girls to step up production!!

The seed catalogues are coming through the post several times a week now, and I am just itching to start on the garden. I wish that the weather would clear up and get round to more Spring-like weather so that we could at least get the ground dug over ready for the plants. We have no real need to buy seeds from the catalogues as we bought so many at a very reduced price at the end of last season, but it is interesting to glance through the leaflets and see what else we might grow. I intend to grow many more beans (French/dwarf) than we grew last year, and more salad. I am also hoping that the fruit trees which we bought last year may begin to produce fruit - albeit only a few pieces, I realise! I still don't have the fruit bushes that I want so I will continue to think about those. I really want a red gooseberry as I LOVE jam made from those fruits!

We have had a setback regarding the wood burner as the flue was going to be delivered on Friday but today there has been a call from the company who are delivering it saying that it will be delayed until the 11th February as the container has been delayed somewhere. I have no idea where it is being shipped from in the container, but we just wish it would get here! And speaking of deliveries, I have ordered a book! The first since before is a copy of John Wesley's Forty Four Sermons, which I have decided to get so that I might understand the Methodist way a little better. It has been dispatched from Amazon, so hopefully it might get here before the weekend.

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