Monday, 23 February 2009


I decided not to blog, and to try to spend less time on the computer, last week whilst the girls were at home on half-term holiday - so apologies for the quiet time here.

The week was a good one - lots of lie-ins in the mornings as the girls and I needed to catch up on some sleep! They spent two days at a local secondary school using the sports facilities on Multi-sport days, which they enjoyed. We also had a trip to the doctor's about the EFG's enlarged tonsil, and then we all had checkups at the dentist! All these things have to be fitted in somewhere, and holiday time seems as good a time as any so that they don't have to miss any school. We had gymnastics on Friday and Saturday to catch up on the sessions we had to cancel due to the bad weather a couple of weeks ago. We have a date for the next competition that we will be entering - 29th March - and it will be held in Peterborough, so we don't have too far to go. The YFG is looking forward to it, but with some trepidation...

The frosts have given way to milder, wetter weather, and the chickens are loving the warmth - some of them are escaping from the runs to potter around in the veg patches. It is OK at the moment, but once I want to start sowing seeds, they will have to be stopped. The delivery of feed came this morning so I have been delivering rabbit food and corn to various neighbours who placed orders. The egg sales are continuing well, and the hens are laying some lovely eggs, some of which have two yolks.

On Saturday, we went to my cousin's Vow Renewal ceremony in Spalding. It was a lovely time, but the girls were rather tired of the waiting around that had to happen. My uncle came with us and then stayed overnight so that he could go with the girls and the FH to Peterborough yesterday to the Showground where they all took part in a World Record attempt at the greatest number of people sitting down to a Roast Dinner together. There were 1402 people there, and the Army and RAF chefs did the catering, and the entertainment was provided by a RAF band, which suited the FH down to the ground! Roast beef, yorkshire puddings, lashings of gravy, roast potatoes, carrots and cauliflower, followed by apple crumble and custard - it was a splendid meal, and they all enjoyed it. We paid £5 per adult and the children were free, but they still managed to make £6000 profit for the Help the Heroes fund which was magnificent. Uncle stayed last night and went home this morning once he had seen the girls off to school.

Laundry and housework have been the order of the day this morning, along with keeping an eye on my ebay auctions and making some work-related phone calls. It will soon be time to get my bike out and fetch the YFG home from school and then make an early tea so that they can eat before they go off to band practice tonight.

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