Thursday, 5 February 2009

Lots of snow now!

Can't believe how wrong I was yesterday! The snow has really Arrived here now.....we have had about 4 inches overnight, and both of the girls' schools are closed for the day. They were up and outside at 8.30 playing, came in for a warm up and then went back out at about 10 to play with the 4 year old from next door who was out with his mum. They have all gone into his house now to play inside, and the FH has hardly moved all morning from his chair by the soon-to-be-fireside: he really wishes he had the fire there on a day like this!

I have been keeping him company, making hot breakfasts, keeping children provided with warm, dry clothes at frequent intervals and trying to get the wet ones dry again ready for the next hand over. I went out and took some photos which I will share later. I think that the breadmakers should probably go on for some cinnamon rolls, and perhaps I will make some traybakes or slices as the baked stash in the freezer is looking seriously depleted.

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